Roles & Permissions

The Uintra platform has three roles implemented as default:

  • UI user
  • UI publisher
  • Webmaster


By default the UI User is allowed to create bulletin posts and but only allowed to comment/like Event and News posts. This role is intended for users that mainly use the platform to gain information.


The UI publisher has full access to all features in the user interface, and can create groups and any post type. This role is intended for the daily management of the user interface.


The Webmaster has access to everything in the user interface but also the Umbraco system. This means the webmaster can set up new pages, edit notifications, and much more. This role requires a little knowhow with Umbraco or at least some time put into learning how the system works.


These are the presets, but essentially the permissions related to each role can be edited to for your needs. If you need more custom roles or permissions, they can be added.


In Umbraco the setup of group permissions can look like this

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