The News Post Activity

To create a News post you press the button “Create News” below the feed.


From here a News form will open with all the necessary fields for a News post. The fields marked with a red dot resembles the minimum requirement for a News post. If you are looking to create a post with less fields than the minimum requirements, check out the bulletin post.


Here the form is split up in two in order to show it better, on the site it will be one whole form.

The fields will be explained below:

  • News author: The name of the creator of the news post.
  • Title: The title of the post, it has a significantly larger font size then the rest of the text.
  • News description: This is main text of the post, it is written in a rich text box.
  • Tag(s): Here tags associated with the post can be chosen and added to the post. Read more about tags here.
  • News Publish Date: This date decides when the post is view-able in the feed. 
  • Unpublish date: This date is optional and setting it means the post will be removed from the feed at the desired date.
  • Location: The location relevant to the post, by double clicking on a point on the map the address of that point will automatically be shown in the location field.
  • Set as important: This will sticky the News post to the top of the feed
    • Accept: By checking the accept box, the News post will be unpinned on the date set in the "Date to unpin" field.
  • File(s): The field to drag files into in order to attach files or pictures to the News post.


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