The Document Panel

The document panel - Is a simple panel for making documents quickly available, it has a descriptive text field followed by the chosen documents, as seen in the example below.


It is well suited for a side panel position but can be position in the center row as well.

Setting up the Document panel in Umbraco is done by following the general guide for setting up a panel found in the panels section. From here click the "edit" button on the Document panel, this opens the editor for the panel.


The fields explained below:


  • Title: The title for the document panel
  • Title link: This makes the title a link to either an internal page or an external site
  • Optional text: This is a text body for the document panel
  • Select media folder: This is where you choose which documents to show in the panel, the documents must be in a folder, you cannot choose single documents, create a folder and put the documents you wish to show into that folder, then choose this folder here.
  • Type: Here you can choose how the documents should be shown, the vertical is a classical list display:
    The horizontal looks like this:
  • Documents count: Here you can choose how many documents you want to show, if the folder chosen has 15 documents and the number is set to 5, only the 5 first documents in the folder will be shown.
  • See all link: Here you can add a link to either an internal page or an external site

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