System Notifications

There’s a couple of notifications not directly related to posts


  • You can be monthly notified by mail, about the posts involving tags you have chosen on your profile
  • When someone tags you in a post or in a comment with a "@"
  • Everyone receives a welcome notification once, that introduces them to Uintra


The 3 notifications can be accessed in Umbraco, from the Notifications (left menu) and then opening the folder "Communication Settings" and "Member" for the "Welcome" notification


Each of the notifications are explained in the table below:

  • Notification name
    Dynamic Values
  • Monthly Mail
    Triggers monthly
    You, as a subscriber of the used user tags
    ##FullName## - Name of the user (receiver) ##ActivityList## - List of tagged activities
  • Welcome
    Triggers on the first login to Uintra
    You, as a first time user of Uintra
    ##FullName## - member ##ProfileLink## - member profile link
  • @tagging
    When someone writes @ and your name after
    You, as the user being tagged
    ##TaggedBy## - Name of the user that tagged another user ##FullName## - Name of the user tagged

To clarify the "Monthly Mail" notification. All users of Uintra can "Follow" tags they find relevant to them, in their User profile. Then they can choose to receive this monthly digest of all activity related to these tags they have chosen. 

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