Activities in Uintra

There is currently 3 different activities in Uintra, these activities are all different types of posts. They are generally referred to as Activities collectively due to the possibility of the category's future expansion of non-post type activities. 


The News Post Activity

The News Post is designed to present news, mainly intended for a more formal type of post.


The Event Post Activity

The event post as the name suggest is made for creating events, events can be subscribed to by the users who can be contacted through this subscription.


The Bulletin Post Activity

Bulletin posts are meant for more casual posting, there’s no set standard to these posts and no requirements either.

How to manage activities in Umbraco

While all the post type activities can be created in the user interface, it is possible as the administrator to access all these posts from Umbraco. It is accessed in Umbraco in the left hand menu. In this menu either "News", "Events" or "Bulletins" can be clicked depending on which type of post that should be moderated.


Clicking the "News" button will open a tab with all the news posts. In this tab it is possible to look up specific News posts, by their ID or title, and News can be sorted based on it’s publish date.


When the desired post has been found, it can be edited by clicking on it. This opens the News post editor where all the fields can be accessed and changed.


This process is the same for all the post type activities. When editing Event posts there will be additional fields to edit specific for the Event post. Read more about the event activity here

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