Uintra has both in-app and email notification. Any built-in in-app notification can be enabled as desktop notification by checking the option “Show as desktop notification”.


The notifications are very similar to how both Facebook and linkedIn notifies their users. The built-in notifications will show at the click of the bell, and new notifications will show with a number above the bell as shown below.


Opening the notifications with the bell will reveal the detailed notifications. Notifications are marked with a faint grey color until they have been clicked, marking them as viewed. In the picture below the top notification is tinted grey since it has not been clicked on, marking it viewed.


in-app notification


If desktop notification is enabled, the in-app notification is shown for a user together with the desktop notification if the user agrees when the browser asks for permission to show desktop notification on the site.


desktop notification


Almost all notifications are available both as email and built-in notifications. The only deviant currently is the monthly mail notification that is only available as an email notification.

All text in both the email and the built-in notifications can be fully customized.


How the notifications are set up in Umbraco

The notifications can be edited and accessed directly from Umbraco.



Almost of notifications have related dynamic values that can be used in the notification text.

In the below example for the notification related to someone adding a comment to your post, the dynamic values are explained.



The keys shown in the picture are:

  • ##ActivityTitle## - Head description of news
  • ##FullName## - Name of the user who added a comment


These values can be used a notifications that is personally relevant to each user, while using a shared template.


For example, if the in-app message is:

“##FullName## has added a comment to your news post: ##ActivityTitle##”


it will look like this to the user receiving it:

“John Doe has added a comment to your news post: Office chairs”


In this case, John Doe is the user that added the comment and the news post’s title is “Office chairs”, if another user(Kasper N) adds a new comment, the notification will use the Kasper N’s name in the notification. By using the dynamic values Uintra’s notifications becomes personal similar to notifications received on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Almost all notifications have both an Email notification option and an In-app, and either of them can be disabled if they are unwanted.



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