Custom tagging in Uintra

Uintra has a tagging system that allows users to tag their posts, the system is not the same as for example Twitter where anything can be a tag with "#" in front. In Uintra it is a drop down menu on each post, where the tags can be selected from.


Each user of Uintra can subscribe to these tags as well and be notified about posts involving the tags the user has chosen to subscribe to in their user profile.

Create tags in Umbraco

In Uintra the tags has to be created manually in Umbraco before they can be used. This ensures a professional environment with long lasting relevant tags.

To create a tag in Uintra, open the "Content" button in the left menu of Umbraco. Then open the folder called "Data" and open the folder called "User tags". In "User tags" all the existing tags can be accessed and modified.

In order to create a new tag, click the "..." symbol on the "User tags" folder, it will show when the mouse is hovered over the folder. 


After clicking the "..." symbol, an extra layer will open with the option to create a "User Tag". Press the "User Tag", this opens a left side editor where the name of the new tag can be assigned.

The top input field is the name shown in Umbraco and the "Text" field is the name of the tag shown to the users.


When the name has been chosen, click save and publish and the tag can now be found in the drop down menu for tags when creating a post.

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