The FAQ Panel

The FAQ panel - Is based on typical FAQ interactions, it has a description field followed by the questions, each question can be opened to see its answer.

Setting up the FAQ panel in Umbraco is done by following the general guide for setting up a panel found in the panels section. From here click the "edit" button on the FAQ, this opens the editor for the panel.


The fields explained below:


  • Panel title: The title for the FAQ panel
  • Panel description: This is the main text body for the content field
  • Add question: This button will create a set of new input fields:
  • Question title: This is the question that can be opened to reveal the answer
  • Question answer: This is the answer connected to the above question title

    Pressing the green "Add question" button again will create another set of Question/answer inputs, there is currently no limit to the amount of FAQ questions and answers a FAQ panel can hold, but the site structure might not support extensively long lists of FAQ questions.



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