The Content Panel

The content panel - Is the panel for content as the name suggest, this could be texts, pictures, videos etc.


As explained in the text within the picture, the panel form can be changed to look like this:

Setting up the Content panel in Umbraco is done by following the general guide for setting up a panel found in the panels section. From here click the "edit" button on the Content panel, this opens the editor for the panel.


The fields explained below:


  • Title: The title for the content panel
  • Title link: This makes the title a link to either an internal page or an external site
  • Description: This is the main text body for the content field
  • Image: Images for the content panel can be uploaded here, they will be shown in either a large format or smaller sidestyle shown in the start of this article. 
  • Video link: This field is for inserting a video in the content panel, the video has to be a link to either Youtube or Vimeo. If this field is filled, the pictures uploaded on the panel will not be shown.
  • Alt text: A short description for the video can be written here
  • Video Type: The behavior of the clicking the video can be chosen here, inline means the video is played where it is clicked, light box means the video will be opened in a box on top of the page and played there
  • Image/video size: Here the style discussed earlier for the content panel can be chosen.
  • Links List Headline: This is the headline if any links is chosen for the "Links List" field below
  • Links List: A list of links relevant to the content can be made here, for example to reference articles. 
  • Files: Here files can be uploaded to the panel, these files will be accessible from a list in the panel.
  • Important: This can be checked to give the panel a red header to signify it is specifically important. 

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