The User list

The Userlist panel - Is the panel for showing user information in the form of a list. Here you can find colleagues easily in Uintra by searching for their name, to find their profile and contact information. Uintra allows all users to add standard profile information and to subscribe to posts including certain tags to receive notifications about a certain subject.

Setting up the Userlist in Umbraco

1. In order to set up the userlist in Umbraco first the panel has to be created.

Follow step 1 to 3 in the panel setup guide then return. In step 4 choose the userlist:


By clicking the “edit” button on the newly created User list panel, you can open the editor for the panel. Alternatively you can leave the panel as default.


The fields explained below:

  • Title: The title for the content panel
  • Amount of displayed users: The number chosen here decides how many users the list should display by default.
  • Amount of users per request: The number chosen here decides how many users you load by clicking the “load more” button in the user interface:
  • Displayed columns: Here you can decide if you want the orders of the column changed from the standard by pulling them around.
  • Order by column: Decides what parameter to use to sort the list of names


2. Remember to “enter a name” for the page in Umbraco. Then go to the navigation tab and set the “Navigation Name” for the user interface.


3. It is recommended to uncheck the two checkbox “Hide from Left Navigation” and “Hide from Sub Navigation” or the list will show up unnecessarily in the left hand menu on Uintra. By unchecking the boxes the list can only be accessed from the designated icon in the top.

Save your work when you are done.


Now the user list has been set up


4. The next step is to go to the “Home” and access the “Navigation” tab here.


5. The field called “User list page” only shows in the navigation tab on the home page.


The “User list page” field decides where the user is directed when clicking the user icon in the top bar on the Uintra user interface.


Click “Add” and choose the name of the Content panel you created earlier with the User list in it.


6. The user list is set up, remember to save and publish your work and check the user icon links to the correct page in your version of Uintra.

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